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August 3, 2011 @ 5:45 pm

So here’s the cover for chapter 5 by the enormously talented Ericka Lugo. I try very hard to get Ericka to do all my covers. I fear the inevitable day she’s just too damn busy. Right now I believe she’s busting her ass on a few projects. Here’s the deal, I will never ask anyone who reads this for money. However, if you dig this site and want to support it buy a print from Ericka. She is a mega talent and deserves your hard earned dough. You can find her prints HERE I am particularly in love with the handless maiden piece.
You can check out her DA page HERE and her website HERE

I proposed a series of different ideas for this cover that never quite fit. Finally I came up with Jonathan pulling a dead rabbit out and it just clicked. I wanted the piece to convey a sense of dread while simultaneously show Tumbler’s weird sense of morality. He’s not quite sinister, he just doesn’t see why people should be this freaked out.

Cause it’s Ericka’s page I let her pick the music, hope you like it, I sure did.

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