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July 20, 2011 @ 7:40 pm

Hey! Good times! It’s all up hill from here! Take my word for it, the rest of the story is all smiles… spoiler. I think the cheat codes line is one of the catchiest lines I’ve ever written. If I ever make a shirt, that would probably be on it. But then I’d have to make a logo and stick with it which will just never happen.

Finished the first season of the british show “Misfits”. Not a perfect show but really fun. I love how the british can make such unlikeable characters. In america our protagonists have to be attractive, likable, or the best at something. Not this show, it goes out of it’s way to be none of those things which makes unique and worth a watch. Available on hulu HERE

Everyone should jump up and down and enjoy the happiness while it’s here *wink*

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