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July 11, 2011 @ 8:19 pm

Remember that conversation? Let’s all get in the way back machine Shall we? CLICK!
This week it’s all about the new 15 minutes of bioshock infinite. Fuckin breath taking, I was late for work and missed a shower cause of this. Ken Levine could shit in my PS3 and I’d probably try to play it. If you haven’t seen this please check it out. Think I’m gonna watch it again right now.

As usual…


…And now she’s going to say she’s going to need to think about some things O.o

Spec script for next page:

Chloe Tisk: I need to think about… some things
Chloe slowly reaches into her purse for her bottle of mace while simultaneously
reaching into her back pocket for stun gun.

RLS: thanks, Ron. I’m rlaley glad you liked it. Hope you’ll check out the other strips on Transmission-x too.Brian: thanks, Brian! Glad that print went to a good home.Rory: Thanks, Rory. Yeah, I enjoy peering into other artists’ process too. Its always interesting to see how others think and work.Tim: thanks, Tim. Much appreciated.

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