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June 22, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

This scene has a flow to it, and I didn’t want to break it for to long hence the early update. I will do these as often as I can. Hope you like the creepiness.

In my opinion the best zombie movies are the allegorical kind. Which is ironic cause I hate allegory in just about every other way. In Romero’s Night of the living dead, the zombie mob was representative of race war and classism of the time. In dawn of the dead it was about consumerism eating itself. In my personal favorite, Shaun of the dead, it was about lethargy and dead end jobs. This little gem is about reality TV eating itself. If you haven’t seen or heard of DEAD SET please, I implore you to check it out. It’s honestly one of my favorite things ever. I typically am not down with bootlegging but they make it a real whore to find this in the states. So here’s the first episode. If you watch and like it, comment me and I’ll hunt down the rest for you. Click HERE for the ep.

Speaking of best things ever, here’s one of my favorite singers as well. You can just here his soul sometimes, it’s incredible.


This scene is brilliant, looking forward to the outcome of this conversation!

Also, you’re welcome for just keep enjoying it :) it’s a great way to find new shows.

I hope to check out Dead Set soon as well..!

Hey Grace,Mom and I just looked at the wnorikg from home Oatmeal comic and we laughed so hard I think she peed a little!Thanks for sharing.Love Kathryn & Mom xoxo

You have with this post proved for certain not only do you write a fantastic comic but that you also have fantastic taste in music. I hope you are proud of yourself.

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