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February 14, 2011 @ 7:31 pm

Shit just got real! So, all science in plan b no matter how absurd is based on real mad science. Here’s the article I based this bit of weirdness on. Self-Serve Brains
My new favorite show is Young Justice. If it keeps on the train its going it could one day rival avatar: the last airbender. Fantastic fight scenes, cool animation style, and exceptional character development. Seriously, Watch this episode here!
And finally, your music of the week.


A:TLoA is my favourite animated series. Can’t wait for TLoK!

(Yeah, I’m British. Whatcha gonna do about it?)

Airbender is not only one of my favorite animated shows, it’s one of the best shows. You should really watch young justice, it could be great if they keep with the character development. Is TLoK the avatar sequel? I just heard it was something Terra and it took place 100 years in the future.

It’s the legend of Korra. She’s in a city with people who hate benders, and learning airbending from Katara & Aang’s son.

And it would probably be my favourite series, were it not for Firefly.

The first thing I though was, “seeing Katara old would be really sad.” Can’t wait. My other favorite animated show of all time is Cowboy Bebop. I think it is literally the definition of cool.

Firefly is very inspired by cowboy bebop. Although whedon has never mentioned it. Which is total bullshit, cause it doesn’t detract from how awesome firefly is. if you watch it watch it in order and English dubbed. It’s the best English dub I’ve ever heard. Also, if you’re not feeling it please give it at least five eps. Episode five is where you start to really see the show for what it is.

hello im a newcomer and i grew up on mlbioe bay one bayfront road. ive lived many places in mlbioe and have experienced alot of interesting things. my brother lives off of kali-oaka rd as well and i am very familiar with happenings at the bridge as well as the cemetary. i look forward to hearing other ghost stories from the area. if you are ever interested in a few of my stories, you can contact me. jbeck

I love how you’ve got original plots, yet based on real subjects / topics. Plans that lead to irreparable or ethically/morally questionable results/methods really bring out the edgy, evil, or scare in a character.

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