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May 15, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

Soooooo, there’s a lot of great things out there (Avengers, game of thrones, young justice) but nothing is coming close to Legend of Korra. Still hands down the coolest thing out there. They’re 6 eps in, if you haven’t seen it, you should make it a point.


Feelin it!


I am loving Korra so far. I’m happy that the Token Awkward Romance episode was much less uncomfortable than I was expecting. Usually hate those things, but this one was alright.

Do you have any theories about Amon?

Oh I have many theories. My friends think he’s aang’s other son cause he moves like an air bender. I don’t think that’s it. I think he’s the son of the man in the flashbacks (Yakone, from the incident 41 years ago). I think amon is trying to evoke the avatar state so he can do his thing and kill the reincarnation cycle. However, I keep noticing a lack of zuko in the flashbacks. It makes me wonder if him and aang had some kind of philosophical divide and this spawned from it. I believe sato and Terlock are compromised. Sato told a story about how a man financed him when he was younger, that’s definitely amon. I think the most interesting thing that could happen is if amon was telling the truth about his origin. The spirit world picked him to restore balance, That’s probably a big ass lie though. I believe season 1 will end with amon taking Korra’s bending away and amon taking the city. Benders will be imprisoned and Korra will be cast out. Season 2 will be titled spirit, and it will be her connecting with the spirit world and her reclaiming her bending and being taught by aang’s 2 other children. Regardless of what happens money says it will be awesome.

Them’s some interesting theories. My current theory is that he’s Tarrlok; he’s been shown to be able to blood bend even when there’s no full moon, so it’s logical to say he can do something more powerful during a full moon (From what I remember, it was a full moon when Amon took people’s bending away). Since energy bending is controlling energy within the body, it’s likely that blood bending can have some link to that; and since it may be the water he’s bending rather than the energy, it would explain the lack of light. Also, the fact that Tarrlok’s treating non-benders badly could be seen as him trying to get more people to agree with Amon.

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