Page 48

November 1, 2010 @ 8:03 pm

I love this page. Poor Victor, I tried to build a character that was always surrounded by insanity. So much in fact that you can no longer tell what’s in his head. Are his neighbors jerks that keep him awake, or is he keeping himself awake with his problems?
Something I’ve noticed about delusional people is that other people just let them be delusional. Other people rarely interject and set them straight. I can’t tell if it’s because people generally avoid conflict or they know it’s a waste of breath. I guess this comic questions the idea of, can someone who’s hardwired a certain way change? I guess we’ll see. Also, who is this new person in Victor’s room, maybe we’ll find out next week.
This weeks music was courtesy of my comic buddy Jen Vaughn over at Mermaid Hostel Go check her out.


Poor guy can’t even keep his thoughts to himself, and boy the walls are really thin at his place.

So much for sleep tonight, got his visitor back now.

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