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January 10, 2012 @ 9:44 pm

Sorry folks! Had some tech difficulties, better now. I had a line in here I really liked but omitted it due to it having nothing to do with the scene. It’s an Alan Watts quote, which I believe was “the funny thing about chasing the back of your head is every time you look for it, it looks away.” Very zen, very cryptic, very silly and kind of prophetic. However it doesn’t fit. I opted to steal a quote from one of my favorite movies Iron Giant. “You are what you choose to be”. So simple and brilliant. I think some of the best advice in the world is the most simple. So simple in fact people under estimate it. For example, “just do it.” Possibly the best advice I’d say 5% take to heart.

Anywho, I saw the Artist this week. It was great! I can’t say I love it because I wasn’t ready to buy it. But well worth your time. Here’s a trailer. Warning! If you like the ladies, you will have a crush on Bérénice Bejo. It is inevitable.

And of course, can’t get enough of this song, I think it’s the bells.


“It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you” is a good one from Batman Begins.

No you given me this image of Hogarth, staring up at Batman:

“You’re not a weapon, you are who you choose to be!”

And then he grappling-hooks off into the night to go fight crime. Or an atomic bomb, depending on which characters universe this taking place in.

If that is the quote he using then Victor should respond, “Superman.”

Though it seems like victor has finally realized how the plot thickened. Which is good. Dramatic irony can only last so long.

Hello! Yet another awesome segment! I love the dynamic that is happening with this story. So many odds and ends and yet so many new beginnings. I can only imagine what’s going to come of this new development with victor.
Also, I want to see The Artist! I had no idea it had already came out. I’ll definitely have to check that out and the video has a really good message to it. It makes me mad when chicks can’t trust the guys they’re with.
Every time I hear one of the girls at my work yapping about “oh, he was talking to some chick” or “he went somewhere with his friends and god knows what else he did” blah blah it makes me want to slap them. If you say you love someone then at least understand what love IS: trust and all that good jazz. I totally dig that song is what I’m getting at.

Have you heard of Lykke Li? I just got into her. some of her songs or touch and go but I think you might dig “I’m Good I’m Gone” and “Love out of Lust”. Those two are my favorites of hers. Another song that just came out that you might like is called “Safe and Sounds” by Capital Cities. Check em’ out. You might like them!

Thanks again for an awesome update!!!

I have heard Lykke Li! I believe 2 of her songs made it to the blog. I’m good I’m gone and get some. Just listened to “safe and sound” and love it! Its going in the rotation. It reminds me of this SONG which is great as well. Man, both of these would have been better selections for this week’s tune! Crap!


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