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January 3, 2012 @ 6:26 pm

Soooooo 2011 happened. Here’s some cool shit that happened in it.

Bastion: I’d say once a year somebody does something small that blows up and others follow. I feel This game will be a trend setter for years to come.

Scott Snyder: My favorite new comic writer. I feel like everything he’s doing is wonderful (batman, severed, swamp thing, american vampire). His run on detective was my favorite though. A really, really chilling tale. Please grab it and dig in. You can find it HERE

Attack the Block: My favorite movie this Year. Sometimes simplicity is your friend. I feel this was the antithesis to Super 8. Not a bad flick just what’s starting to bore me about hollywood. In ATB the kids are real, they’re dumb and violent, they’re real kids! The danger is real no one is safe, not animals, not kids. The music is spastic and raw not orchestral. The creature design is simple and effective, not a bunch of cobbled cg shit that inevitably looks generic.

Drive: My second fav. Again, Very simple, but highly effective. FYI this is not a fast & furious movie. You’ve been warned.

Lana Del Rey: SHe’s gonna blow up when that album comes out. Really matured, nicely put together music.

The Black mirror: The chilling 3 ep. Sci-fi anthology by charlie Brooker. This is fucking haunting. I’ll love and remember this forever. Here’s chalie talkin about it. Go find it.

Justified Season 2: It’s my favorite show and I honestly have no idea why .There’s just something about the rhythm of dialogue. Also, season 2 has one of the best villains’ I’ve ever seen.

Kung Fu Panda 2: I hated the first one. This was well nuanced and smart. Just solid. Here’s some fan art I just did for it cause I’m bored. BOOSH

The Killing: The closest thing I saw to the wire this year so it wins. Not for the fast paced. I prefer the slower paced cop dramas.

Chaser: I saw a lot of great Korean films this year(I saw the devil, mother, Man from nowhere) this was my favorite.

And of course weekly music


Wow that’s a lot of extra content for this page. I have to say, one of the reasons I love this comic is because of the comments you put at the end of each page. You’re one of the few authors I know that does this and I want respond in a way to this massive year end review.

First though, the comic:

I love this page. In it we get Victor, plotting and angry it’s rare that he seems to act so purposeful. It’s a testament to you’re skill that in six lines we can see so much of his character without someone directly telling us. Also the grey text at the bottom pulling double duty as cliffhanger and foreshadowing.
This is a great way to start the new year!

Now for the bonus content.

Bastion. I picked this game, and it’s soundtrack, up in reverse order. Someone introduced me to the soundtrack and after listening to it nonstop for a few days I saw one video showing the game play and how the music tied in and was sold. Maybe not the safest way of quality checking a game before you buy it, but I’ve had no regrets. If you like action-rpgs then this one is fun, with great visuals and great music. A bit expensive for my tastes at $15 but I suffer from poor-college-student-syndrome so most things seem expensive to me.

Attack the Block. You’re right in saying it’s very gritty and real while being, by choice of style, simple. I’d also like to add that this movie does a good job of bringing up some serious issues without ever sounding preachy or like it has a moral to it. Though usually it handles not being preachy by dropping the subject right after mentioning it. Usually with aliens. It surprises you heavy thoughts and then brings back the fun making almost every moment of the movie enjoyable.

Drive. I walked in on this movie while it was being projected on a basement wall. Probably no legally but I never learned for sure. Good movie. Lots of fun. Very enjoyable but the afterwards the whole thing felt kind of flat. I might not have given it the attention it deserved.

Lana Del Ray. I can’t wait for that album. Her music just has this very classic Hollywood feel to it, and might I add that she looks the part too.

Also I just want to talk about the weekly music that you take the time to pick out for each page. You have good taste. About 95% of the songs you post I agree with (I’m just not as into as into stuttering-clicking ambient music) and they also make great introductions to the bands. Which can be tricky to do right. I’ve screwed it up in the past and have turned people completely off from a new bad by showing them the wrong song first. You seem to have it down to a science.

Ok this post is getting far too long. I’ll keep it short and just say that I don’t have enough time left over to watch TV series so I can’t really have a fair opinion of them.

Great job on the comic. Let’s hope this year will be even better than the last one!

Thank you so much! I liked the idea of Victor seeing Oppenheimer quote the bhagavad gita and think what an overblown asshat. A nuclear bomb isn’t shit! Joe Cornish in an interview mentioned he came up with the idea after hearing a woman refer to the kids of london as feral creatures. He thought, what if those creatures went up against some real feral creatures. I’m doing some attack the block fan art based on that idea. I would have loved to have watched drive on a wall. That sounds like great atmosphere. That’s how I watched pi when it first came out. Glad you dig the music, I love music. I wouldn’t have appreciated the ambient clicky stuff a while back but man it really stimulates me while I work in the studio. The guy I have a hard time getting people into is buck 65. His stuff is so odd you really have play his stuff in the right order or people get turned off with the quickness.

Thanks for writing!


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