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July 4, 2012 @ 8:41 am

Ack! A page! I didn’t even remember posting that last comment. That means I’m drunkinly dumping these pages… I’m a mess. Korra finished to mixed reviews. Here’s my thing, and if you’ve not watched korra stop reading now…
Okay, so there’s this weird shot toward the end where she’s on the cliff and you see a POV of a tear falling off her face. The tear clears the cliff which means her face is waaay out there. Was Korra going to kill herself? If so, I really wish they did a better job of illustrating that, I know it’s nick but… that makes the scene infinitely more impacting. It made me realize this whole story is about submerging your ego. Korra didn’t want to talk to aang. She didn’t want to be connected to something greater. She wanted to do everything by herself because it made her feel special being unique. In the end both hero and villain come to the same conclusion and reach out to what’s closest to them. That which has always been there that they denied initially. Same request… Very different results. Peace out amon.


So here’s a three part video that I think is beautiful. Truthfully the 2nd song is the best but I can’t just give you the middle. Plus it really effected me for some reason.

part 1

Part 2

Part 3



I’m actually surprised that Nick allowed them to do Amon and [spoiler]‘s ending at all, considering Jet.

For the season overall, I like how it went straight into it without so much scene setting as it did with TLA, but I think it was a little too condensed and a bit rushed throughout.

I bought the first three seasons’ boxsets the other day, and soon myself and a friend (who’s only ever watched a few episode) will be going through them.

Howdy just wanted to provide you with a quick heads up. The phrases in the articles appear to be jogging from the monitor in Opera. I’m undecided if that is a structure challenge or one thing to complete with browser compatibility but I thought I’d put up to Permit you realize. The structure look terrific although! Hope you receive the trouble resolved soon. Lots of many thanks

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