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September 20, 2011 @ 8:20 am

Nothing much to say about this page, although I hope you like the grayed out people. I think it’s a cool effect, I got the idea from watching DURARARA. They of course do it way better.
So a couple neat things! First of all Margo Martindale won an emmy for playing the best god damn villain I have ever seen on television the other night. Big ups to that. I was a on a podcast the other day with me amiga, Rose from red moon rising. We talk a lot about plan b, arting, and a handful of off topic things. You can check it out via TGT on itunes or you can go HERE. It’s a bit confusing, you don’t have to sign up for anything just find my name on the list and click listen or download. If you have any questions, comment and I’ll fix you up.
Found a really interesting russian anime. I’m half way through it and I’m finding it really compelling. Hellboyesque paranormal WW2 story but they intercut it with doc style interviews from vets and historians. Some really bold choices I think really payed off.

Also, I’m watching “night raid 1931″ an anime series that is probably the best anime series I’ve seen in a very long time. In a word, it’s smart. I think this genre needs more smart series’s It’s historical fiction, espionage, and low powered characters which I think is way more interesting than super sayians. So please check it out, you can tell it’s for you if you like the first ep. If not, then don’t bother. Here’s 0 part 1

And of course…



I enjoy Plan B quite a bit and thought that since there are so few comments I’d better leave one.
I really do want to see where it’s going.
And I do listen to the songs you post!
Keep up the good work!

Thanks for coming M! Yea, people don’t post here unless it sounds like I’m on the ledge. Then people seemingly jump out of nowhere to tell me everything’s ok. And as to where it’s going… it’s going down… deep.


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