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September 13, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

Seriously folks, if this is similar to your conversation with your significant other it’s time to run like hell! I’ve been here more than a few times and it never ends well, welcome to the skids of your relationship. I’ve got nothing going on but school, school, school. Let me tell you something, art is hard but it’s particularly hard when you’re 33 and you’re juuuuust learning it. Not as quick, not as confident, and it’s apparent! You will not begin to see anything of mine for a minimum of a year… maybe, shit is really humbling/embarrassing. That said I’m gonna get back into it.

This chick blew my mind this week, I’m loving what little of her I can find. Dig in!



Dude your art is good this one of the best drawn and illustrated web-comics I read. On top of that you have a good sense when it comes to writing your character sound real and are perceived, by me, to be full and well thought out quickly obtaining personality and life. Your use of color and negative space set a clear mood to the comic all in all I don’t think your skill at art is waning in the least. It might help to imagine all your compositions as a narrative as arose to a moment. Allow the composition to tell a story and you will captivate any audience no matter the medium.

First of all, thank you so much! However, I am not the artist that’s Karl Slominski, he’s a bad ass. I (josh) write and color. This is great advise though. It’s going to be a very long time till I’m drawing my own comics… a very long time.


Let me tell you something that I realized over the years at college. It’s a VERY humbling experience. Especially when your professor pops up one of his PHENOMENAL pieces and shows you all the detail and desire that went into it and all the hard work he did on it. I remember my teacher, Pat Brodrick (one fantastic fellow who I will ALWAYS admire with all my heart and soul) who would always tell me that my art was as good as I made it…Not verbatim but something like that. He liked my line work and said it was clean. But he inspired me to work harder and longer on my pieces. To actually put time and effort into them. I used to rush through everything because I always thought the best artists were the fast ones when I was quick to realize the best artists are the ones who spend HOURS on one thing.
I’m rambling…sorry…

But what I wanted to really say is that a web comic isn’t a great comic without the writing. The art is beautiful and unique but it’s the story that keeps me coming. I’m not reading this for pretty pictures. I’m reading it for the story. So keep up the good work and keep writing! I love it! Everything you do here is so inspirational and clever. I can’t wait to see what art you’ve been working on but I can wait…Because if it’s something Else Pat taught me is patience in art. Art takes time for us all. Even the beginners. My DA is LiensriiLovely, too if you’d like to check out my little artistic progression. I still feel I need to work harder on my art. I just can’t seem to satisfy myself.

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