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September 6, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

So this is an incredible commission from the way lovely lora zombie. I hope my text did not jack the piece and she doesn’t hate me to pieces. You can find more of her amazingness HERE.

Oh yea! FYI “coming from together” is an industry term I use for shit blowin’ up. No lie. I thought it was appropriate here.

I saw “attack the block” which was hands down the best movie this year. Been really liking what’s been coming out of the U.K. lately. Actually everywhere but the U.S. I hate to say it but my countries cinema has been neutered beyond belief! Hollywood is so fucking afraid of someone not enjoying their movie for like 5 minutes they try to make everything so unnaturally likable. I want more movies where unlikable people are put into such dire situations that doing something decent seems like the only option and in doing so they might actually learn something. If your character is playing bad but you let on that deep down inside he’s really great guy. Why would I give a shit when he does something benevolent? In closing, hollywood has forgotten the character arc. Storytellers out there, let your good guys be bad sometimes and your bad guys be good. We’re human we have dimensions and so do characters. GO SEE ATTACK THE BLOCK FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTION!

What’s that? You want a little spanish/french hip-hop? Well here you go.

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