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August 30, 2011 @ 7:31 am

Hello peoples! So deus ex 3 is great. If you like metal gear and blade runner as I do then it’s seriously a no brainer. This is one of the very few games that doesn’t treat me like I’m an idiot. For that alone I applaud it.
I also rise of the planet of the apes. I really loved it right up until the third act. It felt like they were making this really smart look at a unique creature coming into self awareness .Then someone came in and was like, “Hey where are all the planet of the apes references!” It lost what was making it special and traded it for a bunch of action movie cliches. I still recommend it but damn it was so close to being great. In retrospect there is some silliness in the first 2 acts but I was easily letting them go right up until the 3rd act shit the bed.

I feel like I missed new wave in the 80′s it never really spoke to me. However, now, in the whatever we’re calling this decade I can finally enjoy the rehash of new wave. I love this sample, it won’t leave my brain!

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