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August 23, 2011 @ 1:11 pm

This page was brought to you by –. Not sure what they’re called but I may have abused them on this page. I have a bit of a shitty motivation behind this page. The chloe character (personality-wise) is based on an old ex who started out super cool, then became a poly-sci major and turned into a bitch. The way I perceived at the time. In reality she was probably always a bitch.
I’ve been mainly focusing this week on starting school but I just picked up deux ex 3. Gonna play it right after I finish this blog (see how much I love you guys!) I’ll let you know how it is next week.
Been a big remix mood lately… best remix ever!


OH! I love Florence and the Machine! Her voice is just so dynamic! She reminds me of a mixture of 50′s go go and 20′s diva. As for the development of Chloe I’m really liking it, actually. I was half expecting she’d stay the “sure thing, Mr. A” kind of girl and I’m glad she’s become this mega-bitch. Not that I like mega-bitches or anything. But I believe that sometimes science can do that to a mind like that. I always said science cheats everything. It cheats theories and complex ideas and it can even cheat life. Being able to cheat the world can make some one a little bitchy,
I suppose. Love it!

Ti eipe o arximalakas! Na pas ston agrisuto kai akomh parapera! Mia kai leme gia thn amerikanikh fasistoeidh akrodeksia, na poume oti uparxoun akrodeksies thriskoliptes organwseis pou uposthrizoun me xrhmata atoma sthn Uganda gia na perasei nomos sumfwna me ton opoio oi gay tha katadikazontai se thanato kai alles “xaritwmenes” poines. Ston agrisuto kai autoi, loipon!AAAXXXX! Ta eipa kai ksethymana. Aurio tha sou pw kai gia thn Keira pou eida shmera sto theatro.cheers!

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