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August 1, 2011 @ 6:50 pm

End of chapter 4… Finally! Got another update on Thursday, I got a cover from the ultra-darling ericka lugo who’s skills are ridiculous (More on Her Thursday). The reintroduction of a character that I love to write, the enigmatic, deranged Jonathan Tumbler.
So Hulu is doing original content now which is an awesome idea. It competes against what’s already established which is good for any media. The show is “Booth at the end” I believe they’re 3 eps in. and it’s basically just conversations about what you’re willing to do for the thing you want most. You can find it of course exclusively on HULU HERE give it a look see at the trailer

The only thing that can make this Gang of Four song more badass is a remix from Ladytron

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