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June 20, 2010 @ 2:58 pm


Wow, you must have actually ridden Greyhound before.

I would not say they are hateful. They are prtcsotiets. Truthfully, legallizing marijuana would be a great money maker for the government! So, in this particular case, I think they think they have your best interests at heart.I’m on the fence with regards to legalizing marijuana. I think North Americans are becoming pot heads and pill popers. Though almost every family has alcoholics as well. But, people do not tend to smoke a joint and kill their wife either this is usually the result of hard drugs or alcohol. Not to mention the problems behind the drug trade.I wonder what would happen to criminal activities if drugs like marijuana were legalized. I’m against the use of drugs generally. But, if I were to be diagnosed with cancer or some other serious illness I think marijuana use at that time would be very beneficial. My mother has rhumatoid arthritis and sometimes it gets pretty bad and she does not eat when it is bad. I’ve joked with her (but a part of me was serious) and asked if she wanted some marijuana (note: I’m thinking she could get a prescription for medical marijuana in my line of business I would never be caught dead with or using it or socializing with users because I don’t want to condone it for casual use AND I’d hate to loose my RCMP contract to provide fingerprinting services!!!). But, she’s always declined.The problem is for anyone that feels they have to drink a 6 pack of beer or more every day. Or, for people you can’t go a day without smoking marijauna. I’ve seen the negative affects on this on family members so I can never be convinced that regular use of, esp. of these quantity is every good. Can’t stand smoking either. I do not think that whether or not it is legalized, the problem would go away. I’m also not sure it should be classified as criminal activity. Thanks for posting. I always welcome feedback even if our views do not align 100%.

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