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June 7, 2011 @ 10:47 am

Is there anything more terrifying than a crestfallen mad scientist on a holy tear? Guess we’ll find out. Hey, thank you everybody for your comments on the last post. The most I’ve ever had, makes me think I should get drunk and post early more often. I’m just really glad people are enjoying the ride, sometimes I wonder if making something different is worth it. But enough about that shit! I saw Kung-fu Panda 2 and X-men first class.
I really didn’t like Kung-fu panda 1. The moral of the story enraged me actually. It told kids, “Hey, you can be stupid and undisciplined and still be the best you just have to want it really, really bad!” Fuck that noise. In this jack black’s character has another special move to master but he does it through coming to terms with his past demons, beautiful stuff. Simultaneously the villain is going through a similar arc only chooses a different path showing what makes him the villain and Jack the Hero. I also like they toned down the whole “chosen one” thing. Jack just has a fat stupid style of combat, like mantis, tiger, panther, or drunken master. Not better, just different. In closing; not only is this a great film, it’s a great kid’s film, not only that it’s a really good kung-fu film.

X-men first class was also bad ass. I still say X2 is a better film but there is so much awesome crammed into this film. I had to piss half way through this film and could not find a break. Seriously, something amazing was happening every five minutes! My only real complaint was that there was some wild inconsistencies at times. About 5% percent of the special effects looked like garbage. It didn’t overpower the other awesome 95% it just made me go, WHY? There’s a part at the end where a character loses his accent and it goes on for a really long time. Again, didn’t overpower the performance just confused the shit out of me. Up until that point it was immaculate and then someone just went, Yeah, good enough. I’m guessing there was some kind of budget problem. Otherwise a great, great time.

I’ve been like a kid in a candy store lapping up all the E3 coverage this week. Saw the new batman trailer and remembered how much I dug this song. Lykke Li, much like X-men, is inconsistent. But what’s good is really good!


Well, since I’ve started commenting, might as well continue I guess!

Overall, your comic’s style and the intriguing story-line, the scientist whose madness is slowly dawning on me as the reader, are what really tied me to it and have kept me reading. And will keep me reading.

And of course your taste in music – astounding. Really like most of what I hear!

So keep up the good work! :)


Thanks, man! And hey if you find anything badass in the way of media let me know. Music, movies, tv, games you name it. I’m always looking for good shit. The main reason I do this is to connect with like minded people.

For some reason I am very sympathetic to this mad scientist’s motivations. Lets hope I never know enough science to do any real harm :P. Also, identifying with the characters = good work on your part. Keep it up.

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