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June 5, 2011 @ 4:11 am

I am druuuuunk, I honestly don’t know who reads this. I post this bullshit weekly, I genuinely think think I’m introducing people to cool shit… not entirely sure. I’d like to think I’m the guy that say if only one person reads this it’s worth my time… when you put it like that. I’m not entirely sure how I feel. I am a normal ass ego. I care… but I don’t. I think that’s the nature of things. I want to effect the world without bothering while simultaneously fuck it within an inch of it’s life. I guess that’s the human experience though. Anywho, I throw out experience and here it is:
If you’re in the know there are 2 kinds of people. “Shield” people and “the wire” people. I am a wire person. I like true precedural fuck it! I don’t know how it’s spelled. Fuck NCIS and/or CSI that ain’t proceediaral (however the fuck it’s spelled) I want getting a warrant to take the entire season. I want (motherfuckin real!) Anyway, if you love the wire, you should watch “The Killing” Holy fucking shit that’s good! It will definitely scratch the wire itch. I’m not a big fan of bootlegging but ya know what, fuck it, here ya go, it’s that good HERE

fucking rad music

As per usual, good shit


Really love your comic. I’ve been reading it since the very beginning!

Also, this is my first ever reply to a comic… like… ever.

Just thought I’d let you know.

Really!? Ya sound like my kinda peoples sebastian, keep up the good work. And by good work I mean responding to my comic. I love me some talk back, let me know whatcha like, it’s the only way it gets better.


Stumbled on this a few days ago. Loved the emotion you put into your characters with your sketch-like style. Keep doing what you do.

Thank you! Actually, the art is done by this sexy bitch right HERE . Go check him out and give him a high five. I do the writing and coloring.

I really like the last panel. Jarvis seems too know something we don’t.

He knows what Victor knows. He is Victor’s subconscious only without his ego. An ego is a very difficult thing to overcome especially when you’re a super genius. Victor knows he great but he also see’s himself as a failure and is wrestling with himself over it. Brains are weird!

Stellar comic, gritty and very cool. Nothing else like it I’ve seen. I love the moody colors. You’ve just made my favorites list (which I’m sure is all you needed to know to be able to die “happy”).
Seriously, cool shit.

I mean, some of us read and listen. Sometimes we get sad-drunk, I can feel that.
Smiles all around dude. Great work.

I’m gonna have to drink and post more often. The result has been astounding! I’m not sad I just think I have severe cabin fever minus the skin falling off and open wound fingering (awful cabin fever joke!).

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