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May 30, 2011 @ 10:20 pm

So I’m gonna preface this recommendation by saying I love korean films. The Koreans have taken the best from american cinema but added an “I can’t believe they went there” factor. There’s something about foreign films that just don’t feel safe. They don’t have american taboos they will kill kids, they will mutilate women, the bad guy really may win in the end. Or more interestingly, The kid may be the murderer, the woman might mutilate someone completely innocent, and that really good guy may become completely, disgustingly evil. I give a high recommendation to The Man From Nowhere If movies like taken leave you wanting check this out. A lot of really good knife fights. Here’s some other Korean films I’d have a look see.

The Host A really funny, heart warming terrifying monster movie. As weird and awesome as it sounds.

Sympathy for lady Vengeance I love pretty much all of Chan wook park’s films especially his first 2 in his vengeance trilogy but this is my favorite.

The good, the bad, and the weird It’s an adventure film! Remember those! This movie is fucking awesome.

Mother is a murder mystery you’ve seen before however instead of Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson as the competent lead role it’s a scared crazy old woman. Initially slow but gains momentum and really takes off.

This song makes me reaally happy.


Just discovered this webcomic via GirlGenius. Gotta say its a new favorite!

I rembmeer the scene, but I can’t rembmeer the name either. They had pretty much the same guy in ‘Day of the Dead’, and that guy was called Bub. There’s a nice useless piece of knowledge for you.I really like it, it doesn’t look like a rush job at all! I especially like the orange eyes, they give the image a really haunting look!

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