Page 72

April 18, 2011 @ 7:12 pm

Hi peoples, Jarvis is back. I can’t say if this is the best page I’ve colored but it’s definitely the most complicated. NOt entirely sure why I went with green but it just ended up sticking. This week I got an ipad which, if you’re into comics, I can’t recommend more. I still don’t feel like the major publishers are taking digital seriously which will be to their own detriments in the end. Dark horse has an app coming out on the 20th. Here’s hoping it works well. Oh yeah, it’s my birthday today.

Here’s a charming little ditty



Yeah!!! Happy Birthday…I get to be the one who’s late by 7 whole months!!! But here’s thinking of how your birthday went 7 months in the future which is the present at this present time.

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