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April 11, 2011 @ 8:42 pm

I saw 3 films this week; Your Highness, Hanna, and Crazy heart. All awesome in their own way. Your highness was just silly fun. I normally have a lot of problems with sophomoric humor but Danny Bride is the shit. Hanna was this really overt modern day fairy tale. I think this is my favorite Cate Blanchet performance. I never really thought about how many tales revolve around witches obsession with being young forever. And their jealousy of youth as a motivation for killing children. Also, joe wright directed the shit out of this film! Great choices all around. Finally Crazy Heart was subdued and brilliant. It reaffirms my love of Country music. Not that Nashville pop horseshit they play on the radio. Real, dark, genuine white man’s blues. It’s not about southern twang voices and steel guitars it’s gettin slapped in the face, bit by the rattlesnake, and coming back broken.

Speaking of that, hear’s an example of genuine execution. I love the end when she can’t even hold her guitar. Just pure expression, beautiful… can’t be faked.

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This is an amazing video, I totally Identify with it… though my way is different than the majority’s adolescent pipe dream of what society tells them happiness is.

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