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April 4, 2011 @ 10:07 pm

I saw source code this weekend and thoroughly loved it. The trailer sells it as some kind of bad love story but it ended up being great hard sci-fi with emotional resonance. If you end up checking it out and liking it be sure to check out the director’s first film Moon. Sam Rockwell is the shit diggity and crushes it.

Been playing a lot of low key music lately, let’s turn it up.


Ahh, Source Code; It looks like an amalgamation of so many excellent films. I hope it turns out as good as the trailers make it out to be. Moon is a very good film, although it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on when I first saw it. Still some interesting ideas behind it.

The song, I wasn’t too keen on. The music video was very nice, but the song not so much.

I love the inventiveness and decisions made by Duncan jones. I loved looking at moon’s iconic old school model sets. It’s clearly an aesthetic choice, he’s David bowies son, he could totally have raised more than 6 million. the decisions in Source code are just as interesting. Plus the actual science of the film is more real than I think most movie goers will believe. I’m kind of obsessed with real mad science.

Ya know I listened to this album a while back and didn’t care for it, but it’s really grown on me.


I saw it the other day. I loved everything about the film, except for that premonition dealie. In my opinion, it would have been better without it. But still, an amazing film.

What do you mean premonition deal? Write “source code spoilers” drop down a line or 2. Also, what do you think of Duncan jones on the wolverine project?

I mean the fact that he saw ‘memories’ of her at the sculpture, when neither he, nor the guy whose body he was in (of which I am fairly certain) had been there with her before.

Ah those! Kind of forgot about those. I racked that up to being the conception of the new universe. As well as time not being linear and him moving back through it repeatedly. It’s fairly subjective. However the director or writer may be saying there’s more at play here than straight upscience. Well, not cool with that. Don’t say science for 90 to 120 mins and then say, “oh yeah, god too!”


I don’t really have a stance on him directing wolverine. I’m fairly certain he’s a good director, judging from Moon and Source Code, but it’s not a lot to go by on. Source Code does have some aspects that would be present in Wolverine, but it isn’t a definite that he will do it well. I do admit, though, him being a fan of Wolverine would most likely mean he’d do a better job of it than a lot of people who aren’t fans of him.

Films with real mad science in are excellent, I agree – A lot of films I hate because the people who write them have no idea what they’re talking about. Either they should look more into the subject or just leave it up to the viewer’s imagination; Jurassic Park and Inception are good examples respectively.

Have you ever seen The Game? It’s a very slow movie, but the idea behind it is really quite something. I’d thought about it before I even knew of the film’s existence.

david fincher’s “the game”? If that’s the one, yes, I love it. I love early fincher in general. Seven, fight club, and the game are all great films full of wonderful winding plot turns. Great story telling. Sadly this paved the way for M. night to come in and capitalize on that device and make a gimmick out of good story telling. Wow, I really hate that man, sad. If you like real mad science check out “primer” and “Time crimes”. Primer is a hard recommend cause it’s reaally hard science and the film making is mediocre. It was made by scientists that were sick of the way time travel was portrayed in movies. That said I still really loved it, but you were warned. “Time crimes” is great, good science and film making. It shows the true terrors of breaking time.

Yes, I mean that one. And those films look interesting, I’ll have to check them out.

In terms of M. Night, I dislike him too. I enjoyed Sixth Sense when I saw it, but he ruined TLA. He missed loads of important stuff out, added stuff that never happened and didn’t really fit in, and they mispronounced loads of stuff. Unlike a lot of people though, I commend the choice of actors, as they were very much like the characters in the series (Save for Zuko).

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