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May 30, 2012 @ 4:33 pm

I called these guys the “nimble doctors” It’s an Ayahuasca experience so it had to incorporate young Bacchus’s warped life and be somewhat prophetic (that comes later). I’m fascinated by psychedelics and Ayahuasca is one of the most fascinating. You can read more here.



Yeah I would say nimble is a good word for them. That front-most one in the third panel is almost ready to plank on the smaller one’s head.

As for Ayahuasca, all I can say is it seems like one hell of a drug.

I want to wait a few more pages before I start to talk about what I’m thinking about Bacchus and his little… predicament.

I can say that I do miss Victor a little. Though his stories told and he doesn’t need to come into this one. Far as I can see. Still though for me there will probably always be a place for that cranky old man.

Yeah, I spent a year and a half with cranky ass Victor in my head, kinda needed a break. Plan b will inevitably show up and once more all will be right in the world.

And on that day the children will laugh and sing. There will be sunshine, flowers and birds chirping in trees. Some sort of weapon of mass destruction…

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