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March 7, 2011 @ 7:56 am

So I’ll be traveling all day so I thought I’d throw this up while I have time. I watched a bunch of movies this week that did absolutely nothing for me this week save one. Finally got around to watching “Summer Wars” this blew me the fuck away. I think it also ruined every other movie I watched this week, namely “RANGO” I kept thinking, “Where’s the effortless creativity? Why are they trying so hard to be deep?” Summer wars nails it on every level. Plus it makes typing, card games, and internet surfing look awesome which is pretty hard to do. Here’s the trailer:

And of course your music fix for the week:


I just watched Summer Wars (Which was awesome, by the way), Then, in visiting the BBC news website, I find this on the sci/environment homepage.

I’m not afraid to admit it, Summer wars choked me up like a little girl a few times. There’s just something about that family coming together that really gets me. I like that the article never recommends maybe buying a map just in case shit gets hairy.

The bit that got me the most was when all those people joined with Natsuki after she lost against Love Machine.

The only thing we have that uses GPS is my dad’s mobile, and we don’t really use that.

Oh I know! The did kind of lose it when that one avatar was like, “I’ll give you my identity.” yea… So damn good!


Nice artwork! The inking is beautiful and the colors are desaturated just right.

Thank you so much! Ive only been coloring for a year now, I have a long way to go. But enough about my shit, I can’t wait to tear into your comic! I was laughing out loud just looking at the first page. That’s just good cartooning!

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