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February 28, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

So the Oscars were… the oscars. I know I shouldn’t give a shit but I do. I’m a sucker for “best of whatever” and “top 10 of what not”. So here’s my thing, the King’s speech is a really good film. I repeat, a really good film. But I’ve seen it before many, many times. Somebody with some kind of impediment (usually inner city kids) has to accomplish something. Teacher who is ostracized by society for their wacky methods (usually involving dance). These two hate each other out of the gate but eventually become best friends (inner city dance competition). It’s a good formula not knocking it… kind of. But the point is I’ve seen it before. There’s nothing quite like social network or inception, and I think uniqueness should be seriously taken into consideration. My other thing, I think How to train your dragon is a superior film to toy story 3. No disrespect to pixar, incredibles and wall-e are 2 of the best films I’ve ever seen. But dreamworks fuckin brought it for the first time and pixar still beat’em. Sorry boys. You can go on my twitter feed to check out my rude ass commentary.

In TV news I fell madly in love with parks and recreations this week. Like watch 2 seasons in 3 days love. I hope it’s contagious. Here’s a Ron Swanson clip THE PYRAMID OF GREATNESS

And as usual your music of the week. Something swanky for ya.


How to train your dragon was the best film I’ve seen in a while – it annoys me how people think films are better (or worse) than they actually are, purely because of who made them.

Also, love that soundtrack, and Tarboy altogether.

At least once a year I see a film and think, “that was magical!”. HTTYD was one of those occasions. Micmacs was the other one. Did you finish bebop?

Nah, I’ve been busy with lack of sleep, and I’m watching through Avatar too. I am still watching it, though.

Have you seen Despicable me? I really enjoyed that one.

Avatar and cowboy bebop both really deliver on the end payoff. Avatar made me feel complete. It worked on every level. However bebop made me love my friends more. I seriously didn’t want to be alone. Bebop is about a dysfunctional family that can’t communicate cause they’re all completely broken. It’s everybody’s last chance at happiness and they don’t even know it. Ugh, I could go on for days about bebop. It’s just special to me. Despicable me cause good, but it didn’t touch me, but a solid view. Plus it’s mad science and that my thing.

Well, I just watched Micmacs, and it was awesome. Not quite the same impact as HTTYD, but still very good. (I loved the billboards!). It kind of reminded me of Lucky Number Slevin.

Well I’m not sure if you’ve seen other jean-pierre Jeunet films but Amelie is his best I think. Here’s a TRAILER but really nothing does it justice like the real thing. And after that you might consider “A very long engagement” (WHich I loved but not many other people seemed to dig) and “city of lost children” (which is just weird and cool).

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