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March 20, 2012 @ 6:56 am

Off we go! I’m gonna wait till the story starts picking up to really start talking about it.
Journey is gorgeous. Well worth the $15 if you like beauty. It’s not much of a “game” in the conventional sense but more of a work of art.

Great, great pop music!

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Two goons at the front door, a skeptical woman listening to them, kid upstairs overhearing everything. Seems like a strong opening. Lets follow this.

As an aside for Journey, though I played it personally yet, just from watching a 20 minute opening video from from the people that made it I can tell a few things about it.

Well for starters it’s actually a good game. At the core Journey is a puzzle game with an exploration bend to it. You go to an area and the puzzle is in finding a way to continue to the next area. That’s not what makes it unique.

What does make it unique is the presentation. A lot of people say that artsy games like this aren’t so much a game but an experience. Which is wrong, kind of. All games are an experience just of different types and what makes Journey that I can see is the experience you get is made up of it’s mechanics and it’s presentation. That presentation is in turn made up of it’s art-style and the direction given to the player.

The art-style is nice, it doesn’t go for ultra-realism and so doesn’t have anything that looks out of place or fall into the “uncanny valley” on close inspection. I’m not really an artist but I can tell a good piece when I see one. Usually.

So that would bring us to the direction, which is where I think most people are getting confused about it and become unsure of what to think of the game as. The game starts with almost no direction aside from telling the player what the controls are. From there you climb a dune and see a tall mountain with a light atop it. That’s it. The goal becomes to get to the mountain but we’re never told that. It’s that moment, the thinly shrouded goal that we find and try to uncover ourselves. That moment is what this whole game is all about. What changes Journey, from something structurally similar to Portal; from, solve this puzzle to advance the story and your goals to just simply, “go.”

Journey is a game about some very human feelings. Mystery, Exploration, and Discovery. Which forms the feedback loop that makes the game enjoyable.

Wow I went on for a bit there with nothing that was relevant to the comic even. Talk about being misplaced.

Oh! I remember what I meant to point was it is a conventional game it’s just presented really well and differently.

So, yeah. Anyone have anything else to say?

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