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December 20, 2011 @ 2:40 pm

Edit: A quick shout out to me. I just did my first piece of fan art, I kinda proud of it. Check it out HERE and tell me what you think.

Chilled out a bit on the scratchiness of this page. I don’t really see this as a surprise I’ve dropped plenty of hints. I always intended to focus more on how Victor experiences revelations opposed to an audience. I wrote this quite a while ago and I think quite differently about it now.

P.S. Fight the fuck out of SOPA if you don’t know what that is look it up. It’s evil and the fuck bags running america want to shut you up. They’re clearly tired of being caught slinging dick on twitter. This is my version of passion… anger. I should probably talk to somebody about that actually. Yeah, I’m gonna go do that. Look it up, and kick down some fucking doors!

Here’s some music I wouldn’t be able to post here if SOPA goes through.


I knew it. Victor is planning to blow up the ocean(s).

Or, well, more likely something different than that. Though I have been expecting him to give this revelation sooner or later to someone. It seems like he’s been leading people with false hopes and lies for a good part of his life.

The whole point of this 1st act is to show the outlandish lengths we go as humans to tell ourselves that we’re decent. Then I took it a step further to say, “what if someone tinkered with our memory.” Would we be the same person? Then if we saw what we did without the memory purely objectively, would we like ourselves? Victor is basically looking into the dark mirror or as I call it the black door.

I have noticed this or rather these recurring themes over the year and a half since I started reading when I joined back at page 10 or 12. And with Act 2 being as you’ve described it so entirely different I’m excited to see what happens.

The dark mirror though is something I believe we’ve all faced (or at least glanced at briefly) as human beings. There are things about ourselves that for some we’d rather not face; past mistakes, who we are as a person. There is a constant struggle in us between the idealization of ourselves and the way we act in the world. Victor is looking – well, being very heavily forced to look by memory ghosts – at the mirror now.

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