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November 29, 2011 @ 9:42 am

So, for those who don’t know, this is a sensory depravation tank. I knew instantly when I started to write this story there would be sensory depravation involved. I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a little kid. While I have read many, many accounts of it I have never had the chance to use one. Most people I talk to think the idea is absurd, you’re basically in a pitch black, sound proof coffin filled with water and salt. The temp is set to your body temp so basically after an hour or so your body essentially melts away and you’re just a floating brain. John Lennon said it was the closest natural experience to heroin. People often times hallucinate… naturally. All though most people won’t admit it I think the idea of being alone with there thoughts unhindered scares the shit out of them. And rightly so, what we all think about in the rare silent moments of our lives are often embarrassing, gross, and scary. I will be stuck in traffic, zone out, and then just cringe at something stupid I did like ten years ago! I will physically and mentally look away from the memory. I make a conscious effort to not not do that anymore. To look back and laugh, to except it and move on. I don’t want to be like Victor and be so egotistical I can’t think objectively of myself.

Well, enough of that bullshit. This is Victor’s ego starting to melt away. This doesn’t happen this quickly in real life but I really don’t want to drag you nice people through a full page of darkness and little self hating word balloons, you get the idea.

One quick plug, coming soon, charlie Brooker’s new Tv show, the black Mirror. I can not fucking wait!

I dig this tune… moon hitler will probably think It’s weird.


I would love the chance to use a sensory depravation tank myself. My mind is always buzzing with so many thoughts and so many words; sometimes I think it would be amazing to shut out all outside distractions – and just listen to my own mind.

I agree. Although I got hypnotized once and the world filled with darkness and I had a brief panic attack. Might have the same effect but I like to think I’m a little more evolved now…. Maybe.

I was trying to explain sensory deprivation once to someone at work a while ago. I don’t understand how they came to this conclusion but from what I explained to them they gathered that sensory deprivation was just like having an orgasm. I don’t know what I said to make them think that and it actually got me thinking “maybe it could be”. Of course I’ve never tried it before…I believe the closest I’ve ever come to “nothingness” was during very deep, quiet meditation but from what I’ve learned about sensory deprivation it’s so much more then that. As if you truly, really were absolutely nothing but air floating around in an endless abyss.
I heard about sensory deprivation during a History Channel special on drugs and such. This page got me thinking “if it’s like being a floating nothingness..or just a brain then maybe that’s what it feels like to be dead or die. To just waste away slowly”. I think my fascination with death comes from the fact that…well…I haven’t died yet. But I always wonder what it would be like to just slowly melt away into non-existence. I mean, do we actually acknowledge our own fading as we fade? I can only imagine that sensory deprivation must be pretty close to that.

OH!!! And thanks for that song! Now I have something else to put on my MP3.

Some people just aren’t going to get it. It is how ever a great litmus test for close minded people though. If you live on the west coast you have a really good chance of using a float tank than the rest of us. Here’s a map of locations

You are correct in that I find the song weird. Good, but weird.

I actually quite want to try out a sensory deprivation tank. I have no problems with being left alone with my own thoughts; who cares if I think a taboo – they’re my thoughts, why should they worry me? My only concern would be mild claustrophobia.

Tell that to these poor 19 fucks. Article I like to think for the first time in their lives they looked inward and it scared the shit out of them.

On a completely unrelated topic, and in thanks for pointing me towards what is now one of my favourite films (Summer Wars), I thought you might enjoy Mary & Max. It’s a slightly depressing film, but I really enjoyed watching it.

Oh man, I love summer wars. I’ll check out Mary & max. I was always thrown off by the style, but if it’s good I’ll give it a go. Have you seen sword of the stranger? If not, you should.

I’ll check that one out.

Mary & Max has a pretty unconventional style (Not just in the artwork), so I can understand if people have difficulty appreciating it.

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