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November 8, 2011 @ 2:19 pm

It’s gonna get even more awkward. One of the grossest feelings in the world is getting caught. It’s my personal belief that one of the best things that can happen to you is getting called out on your bullshit early. Human beings by nature choose the easiest path to what they want. Sometimes the easiest path involves lying, unfortunately. My idea for Victor was no one in his youth ever called him out because he was brilliant. There was no one to keep him in check. Now that he’s older he’s trying to keep himself in check but he can argue with himself comfortably. Now someone he cares about is doing it and he can’t talk back, just get upset and try not to make eye contact. It’s rough!

Been a while since I was really into a webcomic. I am loving me some power nap please check it out and give it your support. Well thought out characters and incredible world building.

This is some happy shit right here!


I’m confused.

Really? How so?

Victor talks about defeating death, and she says he let her think he could save her mother. But all he said he’s done is clone a rabbit, which has nothing to do with defeating death. How are these related?

Ah, I see the prob. Writing can be a difficult balance of not enough explanation to too much explanation. I often times trend towards not enough explanation. The cloning process has many other facets than just the duplication of another being, that’s just the beginning. They’re cloning immune cells to kill cancer now. You can see the story HERE Victor gives chloe the allusion he can save her mother through science earlier to keep her around. That, like all big lies, is blowing all up in his face right now.
I made a judgment call when I wrote this to keep the technical research out of the actual writing. Sometimes that gets confusing, I apologize. Hope that clears things up.


You know that a cloning a person doesn’t duplicate that person, right? It just duplicates their body.

yes, i know. As I write this story I have to consider the motivation of the characters. Here’s my logic for chloe. It’s 1987 I’m young and don’t know much about science, my mom’s dying of cancer, I’m bummed. I weird old guy that I know was some kind of super scientist back in the day tells me he’s used science to recreate an animal of mine. Then this guy sells me on the idea that he can fix everything with science and I can help. SO it isn’t that victor would duplicate chloe’s mother it’s, “if he can do this he can do anything”. Doctor’s have been using cloning (gene therapy) to fix cellular problems since 1990. So it’s actually within the realm of possibility for Victor to have fixed Chloe’s mother, buuuuut he didn’t. Now chloe is realizing Victor probably never could use genetics in that way. He was just being selfish. He’s desperate and doesn’t want to be alone. I could have explained all this in the work but for pacing purposes and my novice writing skills I just tried to be vague. I love this stuff it’s the best part of webcomics, you get to voice questions weekly. Hope this clears everything up. Let me know if you have more questions.


chloe,you can saty in touch by mailing me at and I toallty want to work..I dont really want to be paid for it..I dont think that if you know everything about neopets you have to get paid for it it sounds WRONG or you can just send me 5k per makes better sense! I dont take money or 100k per month like other ppl and I log in daily to neopets and I have a guild too~v and william ur hack is so down class looks fake from the way you typed it!

OH! I understand ti perfectly. Some times people need to read Between the lines before ending at the period of the sentence (taking from what previous comment said).
I knew that when Victor showed Chloe the clones rabbit he was suggesting he could clone her mother. I thought it was written very well. A great story doesn’t need over-used dialogue and lengthy explanations. You’re story is one of those great stories. Even without the pictures I would be able to see this.

Anyway, I’m spamming your inbox again with babble. I’ll be hanging around here for a while. Just starting reading this comic last night. ;)

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