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October 18, 2011 @ 2:47 pm

I apologize in advance it’s about to get awkward. This is an existential problem I always have. We’re told as kids it’s cowardice to run away from things. However when does a situation become so back that it’s smarter just to get the fuck out of there. Victor is struggling with this dilemma.

First of all I posted a promo for Plan B Act 2. It’s going to be the same characters but a complete genre shift. Spent a long time designing it when I should’ve been working on my design homework. The irony does not escape me. You can find it HERE let me know what you think.

Saw some cool shit this week. First off is starz new show “the boss”. This is one of those show’s that’s just made for me. Slow moving dark political drama. Not for everyone but certainly for me. You can watch the 1st ep HERE for free.

Walking dead season 2 started, if you’re not watching it there’s something wrong with you.

And as usual!

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