February 28, 2012 @ 8:01 pm

We’re almost there folks, sorry for the delay. I hope these bad ass commissions hold your interest. This one’s by Hanzo, he is great, you can find him HERE.

So, when I wrote this I researched some of my favorite villians. I wanted to see what I really liked about evil. Here’s some I came up with, feel free to add.

“Li’l ze/Li’l Dice” from city of God- Not for the faint of heart. I love his brutality. The glee in his kill. If you haven’t seen City of God, you really should.

“Joker”… of course – sure, sure, he’s cool in all but the thing I love most about character is his salemanship. He is a zealot who actually believes what he’s sellling. So much in fact that he puts it all on the line to sell his conviction. He never lies, he’s so convinced that what he believes is true he doesn’t have to.

“Azula” from Avatar: Seriously, if you haven’t watched this series, you’re really missing out. I can’t find a good scene, youtube is lousy with Linkin park fan videos. Anyway, Azula always lies. Nothing she says can be trusted. But still, people fall for her shit. It’s because of her confidence. Confidence is a big thing in villainy.

“Woo-jin” from Oldboy: The mastermind, theirs something delightful in a villain that is 100 moves ahead of his protagonist. Again, no scene due to any potential spoilers. If you haven’t seen this yet, we can’t be friends.

“Patrick” from Dead set: There is something so enjoyable about a villain that will do absolutely anything to save his own skin. This scene kind of says it all.

That’s all I can think of at this moment. Let me know what villains you guys dig.


I’m with you on Azula. The scene when she’s distracting Team Avatar during the eclipse was brilliant, how she managed to keep their attention, with them all knowing exactly what she was doing, while not even attacking them herself, all because of how convincing her acting was. She was so brilliant at manipulating people. I also love how well her mental breakdown at the end of the series was done. They managed to completely change how she acted, yet kept her in character.

On the subject of Avatar, what do you think of the new series? (now with its proper name thanks to James Cameron stopping being silly.) Have you seen either of the trailers? Or any of the leaked stuff?

Oh God yes, I can’t wait. If everyone from the creative team is back then so am I. I love everything I’ve seen so far. I also really dig that 30′s shanghai feel with the fedora’s. That’s some classy shit!


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