November 15, 2011 @ 10:52 am

Hi people! So Victor (in my opinion) has finally gotten a much deserved verbal whooping from a real person. I think this is an important aspect of life. I think when people just let us go our ego can get the best of us. Our best friends should call us on our shit, at least mine do, and I’m thankful.

Also, my favorite artist to work with who’s done a great deal of the plan b covers has a new piece up. As usual brilliant composition and form. You can find it HERE

I would like to take this moment and thank LINDSEY for reading my story and leaving a ton of comments. I like getting comments, they’re what let me know the hours I put in to this mean something to somebody other than me. So instead of her going back through and checking to see what I wrote in her comments I’m going to respond here as best I can. And in response to your art I’m going to send you something. A little fan appreciation gift, hope you like it.
-I did not know cartoon network canceled sym-biotic titan. upon further investigation it was because of, “lack of merchandise potential”. That shit drives me crazy! It’s voltron! It’s inspired by something made to sell toys! I don’t understand cartoon networks marketing strategies. Adventure time is in it’s like, third season and there’s like one pittly barebones DVD. I know tons of people that would buy that. Also young justice has those 2 shitty 5 ep discs. Rabblerouserrackafrackin… Sorry I’m still coping with the fact that community got canceled.
-Thank you, my birthday went very well. I actually don’t remember it, usually the best kind.
-Florence and the machine is great, great new album to. I’m glad you liked the chloe turn. A big inspiration for Victor’s character is Victor Frankenstein (kinda obvious) but Victor makes monster’s and chloe is no exception.
-finally, thank you. I’m glad you dig the writing and you’re not spamming my email. This validates why I do this. I want to say it’s just for me but I can’t I also have an ego and I like it when it gets petted. You’ll probably get an email before this but just in case… check your email.

And as usual…. beautiful, beautiful song

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You are such a wonderful person for doing that for me. I really, truly appreciate. It really almost brought me to tears.
Thank you so much.

As for this page!
WOW! I always kinda knew Chloe always kinda knew. Now that you mention the Victor Frankenstein inspiration I can absolutely see it. I can’t wait to see what happens next. What will Victor do? Very intriguing.

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